The City of Yankton’s goal is to provide exemplary experiences, services & spaces that create opportunities for everyone to learn, engage, and thrive. The city of Yankton is constantly growing and evolving with new businesses opening and updating spaces in the community. We’re here in Yankton to learn about two features that has brought more life to the community. Luke Youmans is the Recreation and City Events Manager. We stopped by to get details on the Huether Family Aquatics Center and Yankton’s Meridian District.

The Meridian Bridge

Yankton is a thriving city with opportunities as wide and available as the Missouri River sits along. If you’d like to know more about its city government or job opportunities, you can find out more by calling City Hall at 605-668-5200. You can also find a list of open positions with the City of Yankton by heading over to their website at

Whether you are a local resident, or just visiting, The Huether Family Aquatics Center is the number one destination for your summer fun! Featuring attractions that will please everyone in the family, you can spend hours, or even days retreating at our facilities. For the more serious swimmers they offer lap swimming, swim team, and other scheduled water activities. You can find out more by calling them at 605-668-5231 or find more information online at