On a typical day, the scariest thing that can happen to you at the car wash is the bug guts not getting completely removed the first time and having to circle back around for another complimentary run through the tunnel.

That’s on a typical day, however, this weekend things aren’t exactly going to be typical at the Silverstar Car wash at 57th Street and Marion Road in Sioux Falls. In fact, for 4-days this weekend the Silverstar Car Wash should have you screaming.

Andrea Vetos is Silverstar’s Vice President of Operations. We were also joined by two of the menacing characters you may encounter if you pay a visit that Silverstar location, because Michael Myers and Scary Barbie are turning Barbie’s idea of a dreamhouse upside down for a good cause.

Silverstar Car Wash is the home of the unlimited wash pass, with free vacuums and prep towels with every wash. Compressed air and mat cleaners are also available at select locations throughout Sioux Falls, Sioux City and Fargo.

You can find out more about the Silverstar Advantage by calling them at 605-361-3557 or heading over to their website at SilverstarCarWashes.com.

And don’t forget to grab your family and friends to join you for Barbie’s Screamhouse this weekend, the creepy car wash at 57th street and Marion Road in Sioux Falls.

But enter at your own risk. It’s $20 a car full for unlimited wash pass holders, $25 dollars a car full for non-members. The event benefits Feeding South Dakota. Now, that’s something to scream about.