You might think that making music on the road and traveling from town to town with your best friends would be the perfect life. Yet, Steve Handel’s story reads more like a nightmare. After 12 years of traveling with Seventh Calling, a heavy metal band, he found himself spiraling down a dark hole of addiction and depression that seemed impossible to escape. Steve Handel is now in recovery and joined us on set today, along with his Peer Coach, Joe Tlustos. This discussion wouldn’t be possible without Face It TOGETHER, a non-profit dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction find wellness.

Face It TOGETHER is a 2022 Avera Tradition of Caring recipient. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is only a text or phone call away. Simply call toll-free 1-855-539-9375 or find Face It t TOGETHER online at If you’d like to help support their efforts, you can also make a donation through the website.

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