At home workout tips to avoid gaining the ‘quarantine 15’


Jordan Wheeler is a personal trainer and coaches classes at Orangetheory Fitness, which is currently closed. He’s joining us today to share tips and ideas to help us get efficient workouts in during this time of social distancing.

Jordan created a couple options for viewers to try at home. To utilize his online services visit his website at

Keloland Home Workouts, Tips, & Tricks

Beginner At-Home Circuit – split up the reps if you need and minimize your rest times to keep heart rate elevated.

  Level 1 – 20 reps each Level 2 – 20-25 reps each
1 BW Squats Overhead Squats
2 Push-ups Push-up to Rotation
3 Single Leg V-ups (10 each, 20 total) V-ups
4 Inverted Rows Feet Elevated Inverted Rows
5 Step Ups Box Jumps or Tuck Jumps
6 Double Crunches Weighted Double Crunches
7 Lateral Lunges Speed Skater Lunges
8 Mountain Climbers (10 each, 20 total) Burpees

*Upon completion perform a 1 min plank hold, followed by 1-2 minutes of rest before starting next round. Repeat for 3-4 rounds for a killer 4-minute workout

Advanced Workout

1A Glute Bridges x15 (fill up a backpack & place across hips for weight
1B Froggers x8  
1C Plank Jacks x15  
  12 minutes – 3+ rounds  
2A Pike Push-ups x10  
2B Weighted Hip Hinge Rows x12  
2C Weighted T-raises x10  
  12 minutes – 3+ rounds  
3A Squat to Overhead Press x10  
3B Weighted Sit-ups w/ Rotation x12 (can place feet under couch)
3C Plank Palms to Elbows x14 (total)  
  12 minutes – 3+ rounds  

*Rest as needed but look to get as many rounds possible

5 Intensity Techniques to Try

  1. Increase Time-Under-Tension (negatives)
  2. Increase volume (add sets or reps)
  3. Shorten rest times
  4. Increase exercise difficulty
  5. Supersets, tri-sets

Get Creative Around the House

Feet Work/Cardio

  • Run outside/sprints
  • Draw a chalk ladder in the garage for agility drills
  • Walk/run stairs

Gym Equipment at Home

  • Workout with your kids – I’m sure they’d love to be your weights
  • Fill backpacks/bags with cans, bottles, books, etc.
  • Chairs, couches, desks can all be used in some fashion
  • Tree branches for pull ups and core work

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