Easter is just days away and there’s no doubt we are probably all going to be indulging in some extra goodies over the weekend. Thankfully, we learned an egg-celent Easter workout that the whole family can join in on for a hoppin’ good time. Fitness and baseball coach and the owner of Coast to Coast Athletic Club, Corey Vasquez, stopped by the studio today. He also brought along his son, Lux Roman Vasquez, to join in on the workout. It’s a family-friendly workout that allows us all to eat some of those Easter basket treats without getting an Easter Bunny butt.

Egg-celent Easter Egg Workout:
Note: Your workout will be determined by what exercise you find in the next egg. You may use exercises from our workout from today to put inside your eggs or make it your own!

  1. 5 air squats    
  2. 20 second plank go grab egg
  3. 5 Burpees
  4. Bear crawl to next egg
  5. 5 push ups
  6. Duck walk to next egg
  7. 10 jumping jacks
  8. Pogo jump (bunny hop) to next egg