Google “secrets to a happy marriage” and you’ll be served up more than three and a half million responses. Yet, one thing that is common to all of them is the importance of a good partnership and all that it entails.

Well, we think we have found a living example of two people who know the secret to a happy marriage without an Internet search to guide them.

Ashley Thompson sat down Across the Table recently with Bruce and Nancy Halverson at JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars. Amongst many impressive roles, he’s served as President of Augustana University and she’s at the helm of Levitt at the Falls – and the secret to their success is taking on any task needed to support each other, whether that’s as a front door greeter or head parking lot attendant.

Behind the scenes with Nancy and Bruce Halverson at JJ's Wine Spirits and Cigars
Behind the scenes with Nancy and Bruce Halverson at JJ’s Wine Spirits and Cigars
South Dakota Rock n Roll Hall of famers , Nancy and Bruce Halverson
Bruce and Nancy Halverson perform in the Fabulous Jadesmen
Across the Table with Nancy and Bruce Halverson
Nancy and Bruce Halverson at Bruce’s inauguration as President of then Augustana College

At JJ’s they like to say they provide “an enhanced adult beverage experience.” We think that’s just perfect to sum up the great food and drinks and the great people you’ll run into at JJ’s Wine, Spirits and Cigars. They’re located at 3000 West 57th Street in Sioux Falls. you can find out more about their specials and events, by checking out their website at

Why not stop by JJ’s tonight. It’s the first Tuesday of the month which means JJ’s is featuring its monthly product expo. On the first Tuesday of each month the expo includes great opportunities to try some new stuff and revisit some old favorites. You can also make a night of it with good food and drinks in JJ’s Bar as they will offer their full menu on Tuesdays starting at 3:00 pm.

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