Who did you look up to when you were a kid? For Brittany Kaye, it was Britney Spears, though a lot of that had to do with them sharing the same name.

Ashley Thompson loved Lucy, as in Lucille Ball, but like Brittany, today’s Across the table guest also shared a name with one of her heroes, only she had no idea just what a premonition that was.

When Liz Stanton was a kid, she dressed up like feminist icon Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and while she was already named Elizabeth, she had no way of knowing she would grow up to also marry into the name Stanton. Ashley recently sat down with this up-and-coming architect at JJ’s Wine Spirits & Cigars, to learn more about how her passion for being a female leader still runs strong.

Liz Stanton and Ashley Thompson behind the scenes at Across the Table
Liz Stanton and Ashley Thompson behind the scenes at Across the Table

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