If you’re a faithful KLL viewer, you know a few things to be true: Every Tuesday for more than 5 years, we introduce you to a KELOLAND community member we think you should know as we sit down across the table from them. You know that our sponsor of across the table is JJ’s Wine, Spirits & Cigars, and we’re always thankful to sit down with them.

One thing you probably also know from watching our show is that we’ve always stressed the importance of donating blood to help save a life. These three things led our team of production witches to wonder, “What do you get when you combine all three?”

We recently found out just what they planned along with JJ’s owner Tom Slattery when we paid him a visit in our “Barbie & Ken: Best in the West” looks, where he whipped us up a spooky, blood bag-themed cocktail and mocktail that was so good that even the undead want a sip.

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