While operating a gourmet waffle truck might sound like your own little piece of foodie heaven, the reality is that it’s not all whipped cream and syrup. Sometimes, you need a little help from your friends. That’s exactly why one local food truck owner decided to get a bunch of her other foodies and truckies together and offer up a way they could all share the love when it comes to loyal customers. Ashley Thompson recently sat down Across the Table with Autumn Brockevelt, Cody Sauers and Tom Slattery, at JJ’s Wine, Spirits and Cigars to find out more.

At JJ’s they like to say they provide “an enhanced adult beverage experience” and we think that’s just perfect to sum up the great food and drink and the great people you’ll run into at JJ’s Wine, Spirits and Cigars. They’re located at 3000 west 57th Street in Sioux Falls. you can find out more about their specials and events, by checking out their website at JJsWine.com.

Have an event coming up? Get a hold of the event team at JJ’s to discuss the liquid refreshments! JJ’s can bring the bar to almost any location in Sioux Falls with a professional staff that is only focused on providing your guests with a top notch adult beverage experience! For more information, email events@jjswine.com.