Chances are when you have a drink after a long day at work, or an evening out with friends, you don’t take the time to read the label of the bottle as the bartender pours your drink.

But if you are a bibliophile, you probably noticed two different spellings of the word, “Whisky.” One with an “E” and one without. And, no, it’s not due to a spelling error or a typo.

In today’s Across the Table, we’re sitting down with local liquor distributor, Brad Plamer, who schools us in the differences between the two and what they mean.

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JJ’s will be hosting a special French Wine Reidel Tasting event next Tuesday, November 9th. This is your opportunity to sample French wines and taste the Reidel difference using different style glasses. And you get to keep the glasses! There is a limited number of tickets available, you can purchase tickets now at