Some people play board games to unwind and relax. Others? Well, people play to win!

Whatever your reason, today’s next guests are here to help you find the fun. Erik Gaikowski is the state director of AARP South Dakota. And Wendy McDonnel is the Development Director at Active Generations.

They understand that many board games lead to bouts of laughter that stimulate endorphins. And that fosters the good feelings that can help boost serotonin, build a sense of community and increase enthusiasm in other areas of your life. They’re hosting a community game night that promises to do all those things.

Want to know more about the resources AARP South Dakota has to offer or need information on how to become a member? Simply call 866-542-8172 or head online to

Be sure to get your tickets to Rally Around Mental Health. AARP is offering tickets for just five dollars, and each ticket comes with a meal voucher. Just head online to Falls today.