Are you in a room in your home with a window right now? Take a look outside. Is the view as clear as you would like? Is it as open as you would like? Is there a door in the room? Can you feel a draft coming in? Does it let any light in? Maybe more of a view than you would like?

Today’s guests have heard all about the issues people can have with their old windows and doors. That’s because Dejay Fykstra and Shawn O’Keefe are with Pella Windows and Door of Sioux Falls and they’re in the business of providing answers for those issues.

And if you’re looking to do a little spring cleaning of those old windows or doors in your home, you’re going to want to see how new Pella windows or doors can give you a whole new view of the world around you.

Whether you need to replace your entryway doors, your windows or both, Pella Windows and Doors of Sioux Falls has the solution. Give the pros at Pella a call at 605-334-1124. You can view their inspiration gallery online at You can also stop by their showroom at 4633 West Homefield Drive in Sioux Falls or make an appointment for an in-home consultation.