Imagine being three years old and your father accidentally backs over your 4-year-old brother. Two weeks later, your mother is rushed into emergency surgery. Factor in many more deaths, including an uncle who dies by suicide when you are just 16. No life is without some tragedy, but the events of author Delaine Shay’s life are more tragic than most of us could imagine.

Yet, Delaine has used the tragedy that has filled her life to help others down their own difficult paths by being a sounding board for their pain and being an inspiration to those who hear her speak.

Delaine has written a book detailing the tragedy in her life and how she has been able to overcome it–with laughter of all things. She joined us to tell us more about how she hopes her book can help others find laughter again, too.

You can find Delaine, along with author, Evelyn Leite, at their booth at the upcoming KELOLAND Living Arts & Crafts Show on October 15th and 16th, so mark your calendar now. Either of their books would make a great gift or great read for you. You can purchase Delaine’s book online at