With Christmas break just a couple of weeks away, do you know how you are going to keep your kids busy? Or better yet, do you know how you are going to fit a workout in with the kids at home always demanding your attention? Our next guest has the perfect outlet for all that extra, sugar-filled energy for both you and the kids. Jason Steinberg is one of the owners of 605 Ninja in Sioux Falls. He stopped by to tell us more about the great programming and classes they have that can give you a great workout, and more importantly, be a lot of fun.

Classes & Events at 605 Ninja

605 Ninja prides itself on offering both a good workout with a fun time, whether you are a kid or an adult. From Ninja classes to aerial silks, you’re sure to find what you need in their classes and events schedule. You can call or text them at 605-550-8770 to find out more, or simply head to their website at 605ninja.com. Remember, those great holiday prices are only good through December 24th . You can call and ask for Katie or go to the gym to buy your gym passes or register for a private lesson at 605 Ninja.