Every day, on average, 10 – 11 South Dakotans are diagnosed with cancer and four will die from the disease. Those numbers represent the beginning and the end of a journey with cancer. Jessica Armstrong is a board member with Feisty Fighters. And Randy Van Der Sloot is a cancer survivor who knows the organization’s volunteers have been fighting alongside her every step of the way. Because what you don’t see in the numbers just mentioned are the hundreds of people striving every day to make a difference and to make sure that the person on a cancer journey, knows they are not alone.

2023 Knickers Fore Knockers Event Details

The Feisty Fighters team sets out each year to raise funds by throwing great events, including the Knickers FORE Knockers.. and more Golf Tournament. You can join them in this deserving fight that takes too many lives. If you need help or want to help, call them at 605-275-3171. The grant application is available online. You can also sponsor an event or make a donation online at feistyfighters.org.