Creating a more accessible and equitable world is the goal of many non-profits around the country, including the team that makes up the Black Hills Works Foundation.

We were joined via zoom by Carrie Moser, the Director of Engagement at the Black Hills Works Foundation.

She joined us from Rapid City to fill us in on how their organization puts the people they support at the center of their agency’s mission and the decisions and planning that impacts their lives.

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Black Hills Works is a 2023 Vern Eide Tradition of caring grant recipient. For over six decades, Black Hills Works has provided homes, employment, recreation, and social outlets for adults with disabilities. Today, they support almost 600 people with a wide array of disabilities, creating a community where everyone participates to achieve a life of full potential. To make a donation to help them achieve their goal simply scan the QR code in the image up above. Looking to get in touch? You can get a hold of the team at black hills works at 605-343-4550, or find them online at