Let’s be honest. By the third week of January, most of us don’t have much to smile about, let alone laugh about. Which is exactly why the founders of the Sno Jam Comedy Festival decided to invite 30 comedians from around the country to travel to Sioux Falls to showcase their wits and endurance to the cold. It’s a tall order to laugh in the face of sub-zero wind chills and nearly four feet of snow. No one knows that better than Dan Bublitz, Junior who is the festival producer and Luke Johnson who will be among the comedians performing over the course of the 3-day event. We’re also being joined by Jamie Tucker, who’s going to be giving us a sampling of what you will see and hear at the Sno Jam Comedy Festival. But first let’s talk with Dan and Luke to find out more about the growth of the event and how you can see some of the country’s best up and coming comedians.