Each and every time you go hunting, it is special. Whether you have been hunting for 30 years or have just started with the sport, you have or will accumulate a lot of special outdoor memories from each day in the field. Dean Rasmussen and Mike Costanzo are part of a group of hunters who are working to make those outdoor memories possible for young people whose disabilities might otherwise keep them out of the hunt. They stopped by to tell us about the very special connection Dean has with this hunt. We also learned more about how young people with disabilities can apply to take part in this year’s hunt in September.

Application process

If you are interested in taking part in the PDR Disabled Youth Deer Hunt, or know a child who could benefit from the experience, you can find more information about the hunt and the application process online at pdryouthhunt.com. You can also call Dean Rasmussen with questions. The number to call is 605-233-0331. But you’d better hurry because the deadline to apply for the limited slots is August 1st.