Did you eat lunch today? Did you make it at home or go to a restaurant or drive thru to get your meal? Chances are that’s just part of your daily routine. But did you ever stop to think about your elderly neighbor down the block who might have nothing in her refrigerator or is reluctant to use a knife or the stove to make a meal for themselves? While you might not have thought of it, there’s no doubt that Kriss Thury with The Center in Yankton, is. That’s because it’s her job to make sure their is a nutritious home cooked meal for every senior in the areas who needs one. Kriss stopped by to tell us more about the challenges, and the rewards, of delivering meals to seniors through their Meals on Wheels program.

The Center in Yankton, South Dakota offers a multitude of services and activities that can be enjoyed by adults of all ages. You can support their efforts to respond to the ever-changing needs of all adults and their families by making a donation or volunteering. The number to call is 605-665-4685. If you’d like to know more about their nutrition programs, you can call 605-665-1055. You can also find out more about their special events and programs online at thecenteryankton.net.

The Center Meals on Wheels facts

The Center in Yankton is able to fund meals through the fundraising efforts they do in March. Their Rock-A-Thon event is now in its 8th year. Last year the event raised more than $35,000 which provided 10,000 meals to a Senior who is low income and food insecure. The Rock-A-Thon takes place on St. Patrick’s Day and you can find out more about how you can support a rocker on their website at thecenteryankton.net.

Behind the scenes with Kriss Thury