SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Today’s vehicles can be longer and taller than the vehicles of 20 years ago and that can mean a tight squeeze into an angled parking space in the downtowns of Rapid City and Sioux Falls.

“Bigger and longer vehicles can potentially create an issue…,” said Matt Nelson, the parking supervisor for the city of Sioux Falls.

Nelson said a small vehicle would fit well in an eight-foot parking space, nine feet is normal and 10 feet would be considered a luxury space. Most parking spaces are in the eight to 10-foot width range, he said.

Larger vehicles such as pickups or SUVs may unintentionally hang into the street space while parked at an angle. Or the vehicle may be too big for the space and hang into the street, even if the front wheels are parked at the curb.

Vehicles on the street in downtown Sioux Falls or Rapid City may need to swerve around the part of the parked vehicle hanging into the street or move into the opposite lane.

Ordinances in both cities state vehicles must be parked with a parking stall. That would include the length and the width of the stall.

The Sioux Falls 77.007 ordinance says “Whenever parking spaces are marked by lines on the pavement, whether for parallel or angle parking, a vehicle must be parked entirely within the lines of the parking space.”

Parking in Sioux Falls downtown on May 26. Photo by Jacob Newton.

Rapid City’s ordinance is 10.40.040 that says” It is unlawful to park any vehicle across any
such line or marking or to park the vehicle in such position that the same shall not be entirely
within the area designated by the lines or markings.”

“It’s something that’s always been a bit of an issue,” Rapid City parking enforcement officer Anan Gilligan said of parked vehicle overhangs into the street.

It’s enough of an issue that the city issues citations when vehicles don’t fit in or use the entire stall. Rapid City also offers alternative parking away from St. Joseph and Main streets on the side streets of 6th and 7th, Gilligan said.

“We try to remind people early in the summer,” Gilligan said. As of May 24, the city had issued 14 tickets for overhang parking this year. The tickets are $25.

The problem stems “more from the extended cab vehicles,” Gilligan said.

Although Rapid City issues tickets on overhangs, “we can’t be everywhere,” Gilligan said. The tickets stem from complaints about parked vehicles, she said.

A larger vehicle parked on Phillips Avenue.

Car and Driver says a long bed pickup is eight feet long compared to a standard-sized bed that 6 1/2 feet long. A 2021 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab’s dimensions are about 20.1 feet long, 6.7 feet wide and 6.51 feet high, according to Measuring Stuff.

SUVCult says the width of a mid-size SUV is 6.4 feet. with a length of 16.2 feet and a height of 5.7 feet.

The average four-door sedan is about 6.25 feet wide with a height of just under 5 feet, according to Reference.

Smaller vehicles may also find it more difficult to back up with a larger vehicle on either side or on both sides of it.

A KELOLAND vehicle with a smaller vehicle between it and a larger vehicle on Phillips Avenue.

Sioux Falls has angle parking in about 150 stalls from about the intersection of Phillips and 13th Street to the intersection with Phillips to near the Diner restaurant.

The city and its parking advisory board discuss downtown parking including the angle parking, Nelson said.

The speed limit on Phillips is only 15 mph and larger vehicles parked in angle spots can actually keep traffic at or near the speed limit, Nelson said.

The city could create a different issue or potential problem if it makes changes to angle parking, Nelson said.

If there were fewer larger vehicles in angle parking spots, the speed of traffic could increase, Nelson said.

In general, drivers need to obey the 15 mph speed limit because it’s safer for them, for other drivers and for pedestrians on Phillips Avenue, he said.