SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – Thousands of dollars are on the line for Tuesday’s primary election. 

Most of the money is being spent on races pitting Republican candidates against Republican candidates. In the Senate, there are nine Republican primary contests involving incumbents and at least one primary challenger. Those nine races have combined to raise more than $420,000, which averages out to $46,000 per Senate race. 

The race for District 5 (Watertown) Senate race has combined for more than $80,000 with incumbent and current Senate president pro tem Lee Schoenback reporting $75,310 raised. Colin Paulsen is challenging Schoenback and has reported $6,600 raised. The winner does not face any other candidate. 

The District 1 (Roberts, Marshall and parts of Brown and Day counties) Senate race has totaled more than $65,000 with incumbent Michael Rohl raising $45,057, while challenger Joe Donnell has raised $20,325.  

In District 23 (Eureka, Mobridge and Miller), incumbent Bryan Breitling raised $46,000, while challenger and former House speaker Spencer Gosch raised $7,325. The winner does not face any other candidate. 

In District 8, (Madison, De Smet and Elkton) incumbent Casey Crabtree raised $34,178, while challenger Heather DeVries raised $1,800. 

In District 16, (Parker, Canton and Hudson) incumbent Jim Bolin raised $11,101 while challenger Nancy Rasmussen raised $6,263. 

In District 24, (Pierre area) incumbent Mary Duvall raised $32,965, while challenger and former Pierre commission member Jim Mehlhaff raised $12,539. 

In District 33 (Silver City, rural Rapid City), incumbent David Johnson raised $28,888, while challenger Janet Jensen, spouse of Rep. Phil Jensen, raised $11,486. The winner of the primary faces no other challenge. 

For two Senate races, the challenging opponent has outraised the incumbent candidate. 

In District 3 (Aberdeen), incumbent Al Novstrup raised $6,220, while challenger Rachel Dix reported raising $22,085. In District 30 (Custer, Fall River and Pennington Counties), incumbent Julie Frye-Mueller raised $5,461, while challenger and former House member Tim Goodwin raised $49,627. 

For both races, the primary winner doesn’t face any other candidate. 

Sioux Falls-area House candidates 

In the nine districts in and around Sioux Falls, seven have primary elections. House candidates have also been raising thousands of dollars and each district elects two Representatives.  

For District 13 (Southern Sioux Falls) there’s been more than $200,000 raised by four different candidates vying for two seats. 

Tony Venhuizen, son-in-law of former Gov. Dennis Daugaard raised the most money. The former chief of staff to Gov. Kristi Noem reported $126,301. District 13 incumbents Sue Peterson and Richard Thomason reported $35,660 and $32,670, respectively. Penny BayBridge also raised $9,935. 

Five candidates in District 12 (South-central Sioux Falls) combined to raise more than $58,000 with challenger Amber Arlint raising the most at $23,950. Challenger Gary Schuster raised $10,725, while incumbent Greg Jamison raised $8,950. Challengers Cole Heisey and Kerry Loudenslager raised $8,094 and $7,240, respectively. 

Three District 14 (Eastern Sioux Falls) candidates combined to raise more than $80,000 with incumbent Taylor Rehfeldt raising $44,265. Challengers Tyler Tordsen and Gina Schifel raised $40,096 and $5,206, respectively. 

In District 11 (Western Sioux Falls), the Republican primary candidates combined to raise more than $28,000 and the Democrat candidates combined for more than $2,200. For Republican candidates, challengers Brian Mulder and Roger Russel reported $16,550 and $5,966, respectively. Incumbent Chris Karr raised $5,900. Tyler Bonynge did not have a candidate committee report filed with the Secretary of State’s office. 

For Democrat candidates, Kim Parke raised $1,379, while Margaret Kuipers raised $1,100 and Stephanie Marty reported zero dollars raised. 

In District 9 (Harftord, NW Sioux Falls), new candidates Jesse Fonkert and Kenneth Teunissen raised $37,459 and $10,916, respectively. Incumbent Bethany Soye reported $10,218. 

For District 2 (Brandon, eastern SF), four candidates are vying for two seats in a newly created district. John Sjaarda reported $22,800, while Jake Schoenbeck reported $18,351, David Kull reported $9,850 and Jeff Shawd reported $5,383.

Out-of-state money 

In the race for South Dakota’s one U.S. House seat, out-of-state political action committees have been responsible for some of the attack advertisements against Dusty Johnson and Taffy Howard. 

PACs have also been playing a role in the seats for Pierre.

The Liberty Tree political action committee, run by Spearfish lawmaker Scott Odenbach, has given more than $41,000 to other candidates or committees, while raising $31,350. 

The Schoenbeck for Senate legislative committee has given money to 38 legislative candidates and sent $25,000 to another PAC called South Dakota Strong. The South Dakota Strong PAC has raised more than $100,000 and spent $138,000 on advertising. 

The money for advertising doesn’t list who it might have helped or hurt because South Dakota law doesn’t require that level of detail on campaign finance reports.

Convention of States has filed independent expenditure reports opposing the re-election of incumbent senators Schoenbeck, Duvall, David Johnson and Rep. Tim Reed of Brookings, who’s running for the Senate.