BROOKINGS, S.D. (KELO) — The object of an interstate rivalry, the Dakota Marker is a 75 pound replica of the seven-foot-long quartzite monuments that once dotted the border between North and South Dakota.

The Bison and the Jackrabbits have played for the trophy annually, passing it off over the years since 2004 when the teams began facing off on the NCAA Division 1 stage.

Over the last nearly 20 years, the teams have faced off in Dakota Marker matchups 19 times, with NDSU taking home the Marker in 10 of the matchups. Nine of these games have taken place at SDSU, and the Jacks are currently on a three-game Dakota Marker winning streak.

That does not tell the entire history, however.

While the teams have been competing for the Marker since 2004, their history goes back much farther, all the way to their first matchup in 1903, a blowout 85-0 victory by NDSU.

It would be four years before the teams would play again, this time ending with an 11-0 win for SDSU.

In all, the two quads have faced off 115 times in four cities; once in Frisco, TX, once in Watertown, 57 times in Fargo and 56 times in Brookings.

NDSU tops the rivalry overall, going 63-47-5 over the years.

Twenty-five of these games were shutouts with SDSU winning 14 of them to NDSU’s 11.

Of the five ties, one was 14-14, one was 7-7, one was 3-3, and two were 0-0.

Get a full look at the record here:

Jan. 8, 2023South Dakota State45-21Frisco, TX
Oct. 15, 2022South Dakota State23-21Fargo, ND
Nov. 6, 2021South Dakota State27–19Brookings, SD
Apr. 17, 2021South Dakota State27–17Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 2019North Dakota State23–16Brookings, SD
Dec. 14, 2018North Dakota State44–21Fargo, ND
Sep. 29, 2018North Dakota State21–17Fargo, ND
Nov. 4, 2017South Dakota State33–21Brookings, SD
Dec. 10, 2016North Dakota State36–10Fargo, ND
Oct. 15, 2016South Dakota State19–17Fargo, ND
Oct. 3, 2015North Dakota State28–7Brookings, SD
Dec. 6, 2014North Dakota State27–24Fargo, ND
Nov. 1, 2014North Dakota State37–17Fargo, ND
Sep. 28, 2013North Dakota State20–0Brookings, SD
Dec. 1, 2012North Dakota State28–3Fargo, ND
Nov. 10, 2012North Dakota State20–17Fargo, ND
Oct. 22, 2011North Dakota State38–14Brookings, SD
Nov. 13, 2010North Dakota State31–24Fargo, ND
Oct. 17, 2009South Dakota State28–13Brookings, SD
Nov. 22, 2008South Dakota State25–24Fargo, ND
Nov. 17, 2007South Dakota State29–24Brookings, SD
Nov. 18, 2006North Dakota State41–28Fargo, ND
Nov. 12, 2005North Dakota State41–17Fargo, ND
Oct. 9, 2004South Dakota State24–21Brookings, SD
Sep. 27, 2003North Dakota State24–0Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 2002South Dakota State25–20Brookings, SD
Oct. 20, 2001North Dakota State45–38Fargo, ND
Oct. 14, 2000North Dakota State21–3Fargo, ND
Oct. 16, 1999North Dakota State28–7Brookings, SD
Oct. 24, 1998North Dakota State35–32Fargo, ND
Oct. 25, 1997South Dakota State34–27Brookings, SD
Oct. 19, 1996North Dakota State31–7Fargo, ND
Oct. 14, 1995North Dakota State26–17Brookings, SD
Oct. 8, 1994North Dakota State52–39Fargo, ND
Oct. 9, 1993South Dakota State42–30Brookings, SD
Sep. 26, 1992North Dakota State47–10Fargo, ND
Sep. 28, 1991North Dakota State35–0Brookings, SD
Sep. 22, 1990North Dakota State40–28Fargo, ND
Sep. 23, 1989North Dakota State33–12Brookings, SD
Sep. 17, 1988North Dakota State55–26Brookings, SD
Sep. 19, 1987North Dakota State43–7Fargo, ND
Oct. 11, 1986North Dakota State49–7Brookings, SD
Oct. 12, 1985North Dakota State41–7Fargo, ND
Oct. 13, 1984North Dakota State55–30Fargo, ND
Oct. 15, 1983North Dakota State24–12Brookings, SD
Oct. 2, 1982North Dakota State10–3Brookings, SD
Oct. 10, 1981North Dakota State48–24Fargo, ND
Oct. 18, 1980North Dakota State23–16Brookings, SD
Oct. 27, 1979North Dakota State38–14Fargo, ND
Nov. 4, 1978North Dakota State28–26Brookings, SD
Oct. 1, 1977North Dakota State27–14Brookings, SD
Oct. 2, 1976North Dakota State13–0Fargo, ND
Oct. 4, 1975South Dakota State13–8Brookings, SD
Oct. 5, 1974North Dakota State28–0Fargo, ND
Oct. 27, 1973North Dakota State24–14Brookings, SD
Oct. 28, 1972North Dakota State34–16Fargo, ND
Oct. 30, 1971South Dakota State20–13Brookings, SD
Oct. 31, 1970North Dakota State35–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 8, 1969North Dakota State20–13Brookings, SD
Sep. 21, 1968North Dakota State21–3Fargo, ND
Sep. 30, 1967North Dakota State34–14Brookings, SD
Oct. 1, 1966North Dakota State35–6Fargo, ND
Oct. 2, 1965North Dakota State41–13Brookings, SD
Oct. 3, 1964North Dakota State20–13Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 1963South Dakota State40–25Brookings, SD
Oct. 27, 1962South Dakota State17–6Fargo, ND
Oct. 28, 1961South Dakota State41–12Brookings, SD
Oct. 22, 1960Tie14–14Fargo, ND
Oct. 24, 1959North Dakota State8–6Brookings, SD
Oct. 25, 1958North Dakota State33–20Fargo, ND
Oct. 26, 1957South Dakota State32–14Brookings, SD
Oct. 27, 1956North Dakota State26–9Fargo, ND
Oct. 22, 1955South Dakota State33–7Brookings, SD
Oct. 16, 1954South Dakota State50–13Fargo, ND
Oct. 24, 1953South Dakota State32–14Brookings, SD
Oct. 11, 1952North Dakota State48–14Fargo, ND
Oct. 20, 1951Tie7–7Brookings, SD
Oct. 14, 1950South Dakota State60–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 4, 1949South Dakota State33–13Brookings, SD
Oct. 16, 1948South Dakota State7–6Fargo, ND
Nov. 1, 1947South Dakota State7–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 12, 1946North Dakota State6–0Fargo, ND
Oct. 31, 1942South Dakota State14–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 11, 1941North Dakota State25–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 1, 1940South Dakota State7–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 14, 1939South Dakota State6–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 12, 1938North Dakota State13–6Brookings, SD
Oct. 9, 1937South Dakota State13–6Fargo, ND
Nov. 14, 1936North Dakota State7–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 12, 1935North Dakota State7–6Fargo, ND
Nov. 10, 1934South Dakota State38–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 14, 1933South Dakota State13–7Fargo, ND
Oct. 8, 1932North Dakota State12–6Brookings, SD
Oct. 24, 1931South Dakota State7–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 15, 1930North Dakota State24–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 19, 1929Tie0–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 10, 1928South Dakota State27–6Brookings, SD
Oct. 15, 1927South Dakota State33–0Fargo, ND
Oct. 16, 1926South Dakota State21–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 17, 1925Tie3–3Brookings, SD
Oct. 4, 1924South Dakota State14–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 13, 1923North Dakota State14–13Fargo, ND
Nov. 11, 1922South Dakota State13–0Brookings, SD
Oct. 22, 1921South Dakota State54–0Fargo, ND
Oct. 23, 1920South Dakota State28–7Brookings, SD
Oct. 25, 1919Tie0–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 16, 1917South Dakota State21–14Brookings, SD
Nov. 13, 1915South Dakota State21–0Watertown, SD
Nov. 30, 1912South Dakota State7–6Brookings, SD
Oct. 28, 1911South Dakota State14–3Brookings, SD
Nov. 30, 1909South Dakota State6–3Fargo, ND
Nov. 30, 1908North Dakota State11–5Brookings, SD
Nov. 30, 1907South Dakota State11–0Fargo, ND
Nov. 30, 1903North Dakota State85–0Fargo, ND

The teams will face off for the 116th time on Saturday, November 4, in Brookings.