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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Only one juvenile had been arrested in Sioux Falls in connection with a murder or nonnegligent manslaughter since 2014, according to according to crime statistics provided through the South Dakota Attorney General’s annual crime report.

But that’s changed in the past 13 months.

At least three teens and one juvenile have been charged in the shooting deaths of two victims, according to KELOLAND News archives and information from Sioux Falls Police weekday news briefings.

The city had at least four other incidents involving juveniles with weapons, based on KELOLAND archives and police briefings from January 2020 through Jan. 13, 2021.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said he was not able to track the amount of gun crimes involving juveniles since January 2020. Crime statistics for juvenile arrests are from the annual crime reports released by the South Dakota Attorney General.

Law enforcement agencies report data to the Attorney General. The most recent statewide crime report is from 2019. The Attorney General’s report classifies arrest ages as juvenile and adult.

In South Dakota, a person under 18 is considered a juvenile. The age of 18 is majority age, or age of an adult in the state.

Crime statistics through the South Dakota Attorney General show that one juvenile was arrested in Sioux Falls 2015 in connection with a murder and nonnegligent manslaughter incident. Three adults were arrested the same year. The city had two total murder and nonnegligent manslaughter incidents in 2015.

Three teens are charged as adults in the Dec. 9 death of Ephraim Duolo Shulue.

A Dec. 9 incident in which police said Shulue, 16, was left by his friends dying on the ground from a gunshot wound involves several teenagers. Two teens, 17, and a third teen, 16, have been arrested in connection with Shulue’s death.

Sembel Sale , 17, is charged with murder. Ali K. Ahmed, 16, was arrested on Dec. 26. Devon Montileaux, 17, was arrested in Pierre, police said on Dec. 30. He is charged with second-degree murder.

The death happened during a marijuana deal, police said.

Sioux Falls Police said on Nov. 4 that a juvenile was arrested in the shooting death of Venance Kitungano, 18, who was killed in a shooting outside of a Halloween party.

Sioux Falls Police have released names of those 17 and 16 years old charged as adults. In the case of the arrest in the death of Venance Kitungano police did not release the juvenile’s name.

In the case of the arrest in the death of Venance Kitungano police did not release the juvenile’s name.

A law enforcement official said during the Nov. 4 briefing that “When we have a juvenile that is 16 or 17, if they commit a class 2 felony or higher, then they are automatically charged in adult court. And then frequently the defense will petition to move that back into juvenile court. If that person is 15-years-old or younger they’re automatically charged in juvenile court and then the state attorney’s office would have to make that decision to petition to seek to transfer that back from juvenile court to adult court.”

Police said on Nov. 4 they were not releasing the name or age of the juvenile or the charges.

Recently, Police arrested a 16-year-old and a 17-year old for a convenience story robbery. Charges include  first degree robbery and aggravated assault. The robbery involved a hammer. . Police said they are seeking two more suspects.

From 2015 through 2019, the arrest of juveniles in aggravated assault offenses hit a high in 2016 with 27. That year 11 juveniles were arrested for robbery.

In 2019, 24 juveniles were arrested in aggravated assault incidents, the next highest number of arrests. Six juveniles were arrested in robberies in 2019.

The past 13 months also included at least one teen charged with attempted murder.

Decimas Laurelez, 17, was arrested in Kansas and charged with attempted murder for shooting at police during the May 31 protests in Sioux Falls.

Another teen fled Sioux Falls after a different May incident, police said.

Joseph Cousineau, 17, of Sioux Falls,  was arrested in Pennsylvania in connection with a May 12 shooting. Cousineau was in an argument and hit a delivery truck on Minnesota Avenue when he shot at a car, police said.

It appears a Jan. 11 encounter that involved teens went wrong.

Jasir Nayquan Holder, 16, was charged as an adult in the Jan. 11 shooting of a 13-year-old girl. Police said the girl was not the intended target. She needed hospitalization. Police said the the girl was in the car with several teens, and they were planning to sell something on the north side of Sioux Falls.

At least one of the major teen crime incidents involved drugs, according to police.

In 2019, juvenile arrests for drugs and/or narcotic violations hit a five-year low at 158.

The high was in 2015 with 353 arrests.

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