SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – More than 270 high school student council members from 13 schools across the state attended a leadership workshop at Augustana University Tuesday. 

The goal of the workshop was to prepare current student council members for leadership positions, allow students to network and share ideas to improve the councils at their respective schools. 

Students spent the morning in breakout sessions learning about community service, debating, social media marketing, team building and an idea-sharing session where students learn how different schools run their student councils. 

Kennedy Baumberger is a representative for the Washington High School Student Council. This is her second year on the council and she found the idea-sharing session the most helpful. 

“We talked about how other schools are doing homecoming, how they involved other clubs and activities, how they’re trying to get the student body involved and gave us more ideas for how to do that,” Baumberger said. 

Aiden DeWit, another representative from the Washington student council, said he’s looking forward to taking the ideas they got from the workshop and implementing them in the school. DeWit plans on attending South Dakota State University’s honor program in the fall and hopes to use the skills he learned in the workshop for his degree. 

Aynslee Goetzinger is serving her third year as a representative for the Elk Point-Jefferson Student Council. She said that because Elk Point-Jefferson is a smaller school, they don’t advertise student council activities and updates on social media. 

“My high school doesn’t have a social media page for student council so I took in some ideas from like Jefferson, Vermillion and Beresford to see how they get their ideas around the school,” Goetzinger said.

This is Aayush Mohapatra’s first year as a student council representative from Jefferson High School. He said he’s enjoyed meeting the student council members from other schools and networking with them. Mohapatra is also a member of the Mayor’s Youth Council where he and 16 other juniors and seniors share input on community issues, learn about City government and impact the community through group volunteer efforts

“I like making a difference, especially in our local communities,” Mohapatra said. 

All South Dakota student councils will meet in Rapid City for the state convention March 26-27, 2024.