SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — How do some of the school districts in the state rate in the South Dakota Department of Education’s annual school report card?

The Sioux Falls District has an 85% attendance rate, which is slightly lower than the state average of 86%.

Attendance in the Rapid City Area schools was at 81%.

Sioux Falls scored 48% in English Language Arts proficiency, 43% in math and 45% in science. Proficiency is how well students do on state assessment tests.

Student progress in English/LA is 52% and 49% in math. Progress is how much students improve from one year to the next.

The student proficiency in English Language Arts in Rapid City Area Schools is 46%, 37% in math and 39% in science.

Progress scores are 52% in English Language Arts and 50% in math.

The state scores in proficiency are 50% in English, 43% in math and 43% in science. State scores in progress are 53% for English/LA and 48% in math.

Eighty-five percent of Sioux Falls students graduate on time. And 89% complete high school.

In Rapid City schools, 86% of students complete high school. Seventy-one percent graduate on time.

The state rate for graduating on time is 84% and high school completion is 91%.

What do the rates look like for two of the smaller school districts in the state?

The DOE listed the fall 2022 K-12 enrollment at Hoven at 103.

The performance rate was 68% for English Language Arts and 57% for math. The rate dropped considerably in science to 36%. Progress rates were 73% for English Language Arts and 55% for math.

The school had an attendance rate of 94%. One-hundred percent of the students graduated on time.

The fall 2022 enrollment at Edmunds Central was 130. The school’s attendance rate is 92%.

Performance rates were 42% for English Language Arts, 31% for math and 47% for science.

Progress rates were 40% for English Language Arts and 33% for math.

On time and high school completion were listed at 100%.