SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Future planning for people who ride bicycles and walk around Sioux Falls will be discussed by the city of Sioux Falls’ Active Transportation Board this week.

The 9-member board works with city departments to advise planning regarding bicycle, pedestrian and other active transportation modes. At Wednesday’s meeting, the group will review the bicycle and pedestrian plans for Sioux Falls. 

The 2023 bicycle plan is 66 pages long and says single-occupant vehicle has been the dominant form of transportation for the past 50 years and Sioux Falls at 91.6% of mode share. For other mode shares, bicycles make up 0.3%, pedestrians are 2.3% and transit is 0.6%. 

“The challenge is to find strategies to improve the Sioux Falls bicycle mode share to 10% over the next 10 years and to increase volumes on the Bicycle Trail by 50%,” the 2023 bicycle plan says. 

Last summer, the city installed a pair of “protected spaces” has arisen in Sioux Falls, one in downtown and one near the outdoor campus, installed for the protection of pedestrians and cyclists.

Pedestrian bump-out

The report has on-street bicycle route priority areas, side path priorities and bicycle trail plan priorities.  

The Falls Area Bicyclists, a volunteer organization, advocated for more funding in the budget discussions last year.

The 2021 pedestrian plan will also be reviewed at this week’s meeting. 

A Sioux Falls resident filed a lawsuit against the city for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act 

At least 4,400 ADA violations (complaints) have been reported to the city, according to the court document. The plaintiff claims that violations were noted over at least three years.