PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Two more bills dealing with medical marijuana passed the legislature Tuesday morning.

SB 19 and SB 26 were both subject to motions concur Tuesday morning, as the Senate mulled over changes made to the bills in the House.

SB 19 is an act to permit certain facilities to establish reasonable restrictions related to the medical use of cannabis. In simple terms, this bill would allow health care facilities such treatment, mental health, community support or child welfare facilities to restrict the use of medical cannabis by those living at, visiting, or receiving treatment at the facility.

The Senate voted to approve the House version of the bill 27-0, with 8 excused.

SB 26, an act to revise the definition of practitioner for purposes of the medical cannabis program, was adjusted in the House to add a section outlining the occasions on which the Dept. of Health may disclose data.

This version of the bill was approved by the Senate of a vote of 26-1, with 8 excused.

Overall, the bill acts to expand the definition of a ‘practitioner’ able to prescribe medical cannabis to include physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses.