SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new poll shows South Dakota voters would like to see Jason Ravnsborg impeached and removed from office. 

The SDSU Poll, run by professors in the School of American and Global Studies at South Dakota State University, released a series of poll results ahead of the June primary election. The first information was released on Monday showing strong support for Governor Kristi Noem, Sen. John Thune and Rep. Dusty Johnson.

The SDSU Poll says its poll was conducted from May 2 through May 15 and it surveyed nearly 1,200 registered voters in South Dakota. The margin of error is 3%. You can view the poll results on SDSU’s website. 

Dr. David Wiltse said the breakdown of voters was 40% Republican, 37% Independent and 23% Democrat in self-reported identification. Wiltse said self-reported identification is a better measure of people’s sentiments than their party registration.

Outside of the political races, the poll asked about impeached and suspended Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg. In April, the South Dakota House of Representatives impeached Ravnsborg for certain crimes and malfeasance. Ravnsborg has been suspended from his duties and a Senate trial is set for June 21-22. 

In the poll, voters were asked “if Ravnsborg should be impeached and removed from office by the legislature.” 

The results showed nearly 70% said yes, 9% said no and 21% said not sure. The poll noted “the public’s opinion is not contingent upon partisanship.”

For the Republican primaries, the poll found Noem held a 61-17 lead over challenger Steve Haugaard and 22% were still not sure. 

For U.S. Senate, 46% of Republican voters said they would vote for Thune, while 41% said they were not sure. Bruce Whalen received 9% and Mark Mowry received 4%. 

In the U.S. House race, Johnson had 53% support, while challenger Taffy Howard had 17%. Thirty percent of voters said they were not sure. 

The SDSU Poll plans to release more results on South Dakota politicians and how support has changed over time.