SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Summer clung to most of South Dakota as long as it could, with temperatures remaining high into the month of October, but things have changed drastically.

By the end of October, we had snow on the ground, and while things have warmed back up a bit in November, KELOLAND’s Scot Mundt says that winter really tends to hit in early December.

“We’re usually thrown into winter sometime during the first week of December. Meaning the cold is sustained with better chances for snow,” said Mundt. “Sure some years are different with earlier or later snow and cold, but a majority of the data points to the first week of December.”

This winter is not looking like an exception, according to Mundt. “I believe we will soon get into more sustained cold and snow in December. The big question is, of course, how much snow,” he posited.

December, Mundt added, could hold the key to the winter’s outcome. “I think that’s when many will get their snowiest month. If not December, then February,” he said, “And sandwiched in between will be the cold in January.”

Overall, Mundt says many will likely get higher than average snowfalls through April. How much more? Well, here are Mundt’s predictions:

Sioux Falls: 49.7″

Aberdeen: 40.5″

Pierre: 31.7″

Rapid City: 46.3″

Best of luck out there.