SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Steaks and summer go together. 

That’s why the South Dakota Beef Industry Council wants people to get involved with a new “Claim Your Steak Campaign” during national steak month in June. Through social media channels, the beef promoting organization is encouraging people to share favorite steakhouses in South Dakota as well as favorite cuts of steak to win prizes.   

“We want to hear from the public in our state and we want to hear from those consumers. Hear where they really enjoy to eat a delicious steak,” Holly Swee, Director of Nutrition for South Dakota Beef Industry Council told KELOLAND News. “People can go online and nominate their favorite place. And then we will feature those particular Istat establishments throughout the summer to help promote steaks.” 

The campaign for favorite steakhouses or restaurants to eat steaks in South Dakota lasts until June 29. You can fill out a form online.  

Swee, who has worked for the organization for 14 years, said promoting steak is a win-win for farmers and ranchers as well as the state’s economy. 

“The great thing is there’s a variety of different options that we can choose from and we’ve got some great beef farmers and ranchers that produce high-quality products here,” Swee said. “This is a great way for the people to get involved, have their personal opinions and vote for their favorite steakhouses and restaurants that they enjoy steaks at.” 

Swee highlighted the nutritional value of steak as a high-quality protein choice. 

“Wonderful nutrients such as zinc, iron and many B vitamins,” Swee said. “There’s a variety of lean cuts to choose from as well as if people are interested in that. Look for that term loin or round for lean cuts.” 

With warmer weather and more people grilling food, Swee said the Beef Industry Council and ‘Beef it’s what’s for dinner’ websites have tips and tricks for people.  

“What I love about grilling season is you can choose whatever cut you like and there’s a wide variety of them to choose from,” Swee said. “Your ribeye steak or your striploin, T-bone or sirloin are very tender steaks. Easy to grill within just a few minutes.”