DISCLAIMER: This story includes a graphic photo showing injuries sustained by the dog attack.

FREEMAN, S.D. (KELO) — Thirty-four-year-old Dawson Schild of Freeman is facing charges after four dogs, which are still unaccounted for, attacked a 55-year-old woman Monday morning.

Officer Jay Slevin with the Freeman Police Department responded to a call of four dogs in a yard at 6:25 a.m. on Monday, he told KELOLAND News via phone call on Wednesday.

Slevin was on the way to the scene when a dog attack was reported over the radio. The 55-year-old victim had been on a morning walk when she was attacked from behind by the four dogs. Slevin says a person driving down the street began honking while driving toward the attack, scaring the dogs away from the victim, who police say was bitten around 17 times, and required 9 stitches while being treated for severe injuries.

Picture of injuries shared by the victim with the Freeman Police

Slevin said that by the time he arrived, Schild had already gotten the dogs into the house, and that he refused to turn the dogs over.

Being on his own, Slevin waited for back-up before attempting to enter the house and parked out front. While Slevin was awaiting back-up, he says that Schild snuck the dogs out the back door of the house and into a vehicle before driving them away. He was later arrested on charges of simple assault and obstruction of justice, and was released after posting bond.

The dogs have not yet been located, but Freeman Police believe that Schild may have taken them to be re-homed in Sioux Falls. Freeman PD is working with Sioux Falls Police and Animal Control in an effort to find the dogs.

The descriptions of the four dogs are as follows:

  1. Name – Fog; Age – 1.5-years; Male (Intact); Breed – Labrador/Pit Bull mix; Color – Brindle
  2. Name – B.B.; Age – 7-years; Female (Spayed); Breed – Pit Bull; Color – Brindle
  3. Name – Onyx; Age – 2-years; Male (Neutered); Breed – Pit Bull; Color – Brindle
  4. Name – Francie; Age -1.5-years; Female (Intact); Breed – Labrador/Pit Bull mix; Color – Brindle

Freeman Police say they believe the dogs initially escaped Schild’s house by pushing through the back door.

Slevin told KELOLAND News that Schild will be arrested again on charges including 4-counts of keeping and maintaining of vicious animals, letting dogs run at large, and disturbing the peace. Slevin says a condition of release on bond will be the surrender of the dogs to law enforcement.