PIERRE, S.D. (KELO) — Gov. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) said today that she “expects the road could be a little bit rough under the Biden administration with some of the policies that they’ve embraced.”

Noem’s comments came during her fiscal year 2022 budget presentation in Pierre.

“We can expect that they may try to raise taxes, they have said that,” Noem said. Noem also said Biden would try and eliminate fossil fuels by passing the Green New Deal.

“And whatever else the administration might do, it would certainly give us a lot more regulation,” Noem said.

“I expect that federal agencies will see South Dakota not neccessarily as a partner but as a subordinate based on what they have already communicated to us. So, we are preparing for that,” Noem said.

Noem’s director of communications, Ian Fury, contacted KELOLAND after this story was first published and said Noem was discussing a potential Biden administration and not recognizing Biden as the next president.

Noem’s verbal presentation differs from a copy of her written speech provided to media. Noem replaced the word “a” with word “the” twice today when she referred to Biden and an administration twice.

A copy of Noem’s speech refers to “Frankly, I expect the road could be rough under a Biden administration” and not “the Biden administration” as Noem said in her speech. Also, “whatever else a Biden administration might do…,” and not “whatever else the administration might do” as Noem said in her speech.

A copy of the speech does not include the phrase spoken “based on what they have already communicated to us” as Noem said in her speech.

Biden has said he wants to end fossil fuel subsidies. Biden’s website talks of a clean energy revolution and environmental justice with investment in clean energy production and jobs.

Since the Nov. 7 election, Noem has not acknowledged Biden as the elected president until she appeared to acknowledge the Biden administration today. Noem has repeatedly said that challenges to the election process in states such as Arizona and Georgia needed to run their course.

Multiple lawsuits filed by President Donald Trump have been dismissed or rejected by courts and judges in several states. Judges and courts have also called many of the election tampering claims in the lawsuits as baseless.

The state of Georgia certified election results this week for the second time. Other states, including Wisconsin, have recounted votes and determined that Biden did win in the state.