SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — According to an information official with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there have been no major issues reported to the Bureau in the District of South Dakota as citizens cast their ballots on Election Day 2022.

The official said that while no specific details on complaints would be available, it wasn’t currently an issue as none had yet come in, saying nothing unusual had been noticed.

The FBI is just one side of the group monitoring the state for any complaints or allegations of fraud or malfeasance, with Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Hofmann serving as the District Election Officer.

Within that position, she is charged with overseeing complaints regarding threats of violence, voting rights concerns and election fraud.

KELOLAND News sent an email to Hoffman Tuesday, asking if any complaints had been made, but have not yet received a response.

Hoffman is on duty until polls close Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. local time. She can be reached for reports or concerns by the public at (605) 357-2363.

The local FBI field office can be reached at (605) 334-6881, and complaints about possible violations of the federal voting rights laws can be made directly to the Civil Rights Division in Washington, DC by phone at 800-253-3931 or by complaint form at

In the event of a crime of violence or intimidation, you are advised to first call 911.