SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new house, not yet sold has found its new home on South Duluth Avenue after making its way down some of the city’s busiest streets Tuesday morning.

Drivers on Western Ave., 41st Street and Minnesota Ave. all may have had their commutes impacted as this two-bedroom, one-bath house made its journey through town.

The house, currently owned by Affordable Housing Solutions (AHS), was built by high school students at the Harrisburg Home Builders Academy, and currently measures in at 1,140 square feet. Previously located at Harrisburg High School, the house traveled a distance of around 10 miles.

A price has not yet been set, but AHS Director of Housing Development Brent Tucker says they hope to keep it under $200,000. “The last house that we sold was just under $200,000 and this one’s about the same size, so hopefully we’re able to keep it [in that range],” said Tucker.

Tucker says that while the house was built by high schoolers, people shouldn’t have concerns about the quality of the build.

“The instructors that teach both of the programs at Harrisburg and the CTE program here at Sioux Falls are both contractors, so they have a vast knowledge of the homebuilding process,” said Tucker. “[The house] still goes through the same building inspection process that any other homes built on-site go through.”

Tucker says there is quite a need for affordable housing in town. “The pandemic created a strong housing shortage here in Sioux Falls where there’s very limited housing, especially available around or below $250,000,” he said.

There’s already been a lot of interest in the home, according to Tucker who says around 40 people have contacted him who are interested in buying.

Not just anyone can purchase this home, however.

According to Tucker and the AHS website, the house will only be available for purchase to those falling under 80% of the U.S. median family income.

Tucker says the actual moving of the house went well. “Moving a house in Sioux Falls is quite difficult with all the traffic and all the street lights,” he said. “The house movers that did it did a very good job of swerving in and out of lights so they didn’t have to be turned — it was actually an easy process to get it here.”

After delivering the house to the property at 515 S. Duluth Ave., all that was left was to place it on the foundation; a process Tucker expected to be completed within hours.

Final site of the house at 515 S. Duluth Ave.

Tucker says that while some additional work will need to be completed, including finishing of the basement and the completion of a garage attached to the house, he is confident a family will be living in the home as early as February 2022.