SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — At the corner of 10th Street and Minnesota Avenue, at the foot of the tallest building in the state, Chelsea Alexander is bringing something new to downtown Sioux Falls — Kane’s Baked Goods and Café, the city’s newest food truck.

Chelsea, owner of Kane’s Baked Goods and Café

Kane’s, holding its grand opening April 30 – May 1, will feature an initial menu consisting of breakfast items including breakfast pizza and a cinnamon roll breakfast sandwich.

Kane’s Menu

In addition to these items, Kane’s will also carry rolls, muffins, bars, coffee, bottled water and canned soda.

“The business started with the birth of my wife and I’s son, Kane,” explained Alexander. “The business is named after him.”

Kane’s didn’t start off as a food truck however. Alexander came from a family that she says was big into baking and cooking, and decided to go to culinary school, graduating with a degree in culinary arts.

Alexander said she began selling baked goods in 2021 at vendor fairs and farmers markets. “From there, business grew so we decided to open the food truck and add breakfast items, and are eventually going to get into salads and wraps for lunch,” she said.

On thing that sets Kane’s apart from many other food trucks is its real estate, which Alexander is renting.

“The location is the lower lot of the old Marlins on 10th and Minnesota,” said Alexander. It’s a large space of over 10,000 square feet, about a quarter of an acre, on the edge of downtown, and she has plans for that space.

“The location’s great for your quick eats,” she said. “I plan on leaving two rows just for customer parking. I will have patio seating — I’ll have planters — you can come hang out, have breakfast, have coffee — just chill, do some work, read a book — it’ll be a relaxing place to hang out.”

Alexander says she also has ideas about using the space for private events, pet events and has even considered the idea of setting up yard games.

Kane’s also has a goal of community involvement.

“Kane’s is community based,” said Alexander. “Our goal is to grow, and for other small businesses to grow. I’m using fresh eggs from Fruit of the Coop in Brandon — I’m having ceramic mugs made from Funk Ceramics up in Brookings by Rachel. I’m using local lavender earl grey tea for my lemonade from Monaya Hustoft — for some gluten-free options, I will have Redstone flour Forestburg; they’re a local gluten-free flour maker.”

Alexander says she is trying to use as many local producers as she can.

Kane’s will also be partnering with another local vendor for the coffee side of it’s menu. “Coffee is from another local producer, Rainy Day Coffee Co. — I’ll have a regular coffee and I’ll have a cold-brew, also made by Rainy Day Coffee Co.,” said Alexander.

Kane’s will also have fresh squeezed orange juice. Kane’s will also sell fresh flowers from Alissa’s Flower Farm on Mondays and Tuesdays.

More still is a project special to Alexander; Kane’s Change for Change.

Kane’s Change for Change is a way for the business to continue to give back. “Each month I will choose a different nonprofit/charity to donate to,” explained Alexander. “Kane’s will match the tip money given and donate it.”

Alexander says the first month’s donations will go to Face It Together South Dakota, an addiction support network.

You can keep up with Kane’s Baked Goods on Facebook, Instagram and their website.

“I wouldn’t have been here without the support of my wife, my family, my friends and all my great customers,” said Alexander. “I’m here because of them.”