More than 400 complaints about snow removal on sidewalks in Sioux Falls Original

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — As of mid-morning Thursday, the city of Sioux Falls had received 427 complaints about snow and ice removal on sidewalks since November 1.

Kelly Boysen, the city’s property maintenance inspection manager, said he had received 13 complaints as of 10 a.m. Thursday following the most recent snow.

The complaints are about sidewalks that have not been cleared of ice and snow. The numbers cover only private sidewalks. Boysen said he doesn’t track complaints about city sidewalks because when he gets one, he calls the city department responsible for the sidewalk to have it cleaned.

The city requires sidewalks to be cleared of snow and/or ice within 48 hours of when any snow fall, snow or ice accumulation ends.

When the city receives a complaint, Boysen sends an inspector to view the sidewalk.

The inspector will post a notice to clean if the sidewalk needs it. The property owner needs to comply within 24 hours, Boysen said.

Most property owners comply within 24 hours, Boysen said. Fifty-two of those notified to clean snow complied within 24 hours, Boysen said.

An inspector goes back to check on the notified property. The owner receives a $100 citation if the sidewalk is not cleared. The second time, it’s $200. Eventually, the city will have a private contractor clear the sidewalk and charge the cost to the property owner, Boysen said.

Boysen said the number of complaints from Nov. 1 through Jan. 2 is similar to 2018, although it’s difficult to compare from year to year because of different weather conditions.

A new app allows people to submit a complaint with their mobile phones, but Boysen said that doesn’t appear to have increased the number of complaints.

It has, however, helped cut down on the number of phone call complaints to the office, Boysen said.

The public can also report complaints online through the city’s website.

Here’s how to access the app to report complaints: To download the app for free, search for “City of Sioux Falls” in the Google Play or Apple App store.

Here’s the city ordinance on snow removal for sidewalks:

Under Title IX General Regulations: 96.100  DUTY TO REMOVE SNOW.   (a)   The owner or person in possession of any property abutting on any sidewalk shall keep the sidewalk free from snow and ice and shall remove any snow or ice from the sidewalk within 48 hours after the termination of any snow fall, snow or ice accumulation.   (b)   The owner or person in possession of any property abutting upon any sidewalk which ends at an intersection or crosswalk shall maintain the sidewalk free from snow and ice to the edge of the street. Snow and ice deposited on the sidewalk in the street removal process shall be removed within 48 hours of being deposited.(1957 Rev. Ords., § 11.801; 1992 Code, § 38-76)  (Ord. 2395, passed 12-20-1965; Ord. 101-92, passed 11-16-1992; Ord. 76-93, passed 10-18-1993)

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