SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — There were more inmates and they were more violent in 2022 than in 2021, Minnehaha County Jail Warden Mike Mattson told the county commissioners on Tuesday.

Mattson submitted his written report to the county board and highlighted several areas including assault incidents.

There were 303 incidents where responding staff had to use force to control the incident in 2022. That was a 30% increase from the 230 incidents in 2021.

There were 16 incidents where an inmate assaulted a staff member compared to 11 in 2021.

In his report, Mattson said, “These occurrences seem to be increasing which is another indicator that the persons in custody are more violent.”

Violent incidents also involve inmates with other inmates. There were 114 incidents reported where inmates assaulted another inmates. “This does not include situations where inmates are involved in a mutual combat fight,” Mattson wrote in his report.

On Tuesday, Mattson told the commissioners that criminal prosecution of cases that stem from incidents inside the jail were increasing. The state’s attorney’s office had 142 such cases in 2022. That number was 85 in 2018.

The overall average daily population (ADP) is inching closer to the jail capacity of 603. Mattson said in his report that the ADP was 516 in 2022. That is an increase of ADP from 464.

The jail operates with a goal of 85% at 513 because of the need to account for appropriate space for classifications of inmates, isolation needs, peaking and other needs, Mattson said in his written report.

Mattson said on Tuesday that 11% growth in ADP is much higher than a jail study which projected 2.5%. The reasons for the high growth have not been identified but growth rates will be monitored.

In his written update Mattson said that last year he had said the county would likely need to start staffing for partial occupancy of Unit Control 3 in 2024. Unit Control 3 has 148 additional beds, Mattson said.

He said on Tuesday he will continue to plan for possible staffing for 2025 in Unit Control 3.

“The longer we put that off the better off we are,” Mattson said.

Recruiting and retaining staff is constant, he said at Tuesday’s meeting.

“We’ve had a little improvement in turnover,” Mattson said. The staff turnover rate was 25% in 2022.

The county raised the staff pay and added a retention bonus which has helped with recruitment and retention, Mattson said.

The report said the county hired 45 new officers in 2022 and 31 were still working as of March 28. Fourteen new officers were hired already in 2023.

Inmates were housed on average almost two days longer (11.75) than in 2020 and 2021 which was 10 days.

“Today’s offenders require a lot of attention,” Mattson said. Overall, they are quicker to argue with staff and it’s difficult to hold them accountable.