SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Two corrections officers noticed something on security cameras at the Oglala Sioux Tribe Department of Corrections early in the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 12.

Security footage shows a bright white light streaking across the sky. It appeared to be low the ground.

“They asked me to go back over the footage,” said Christine Anderson, an IT technician with the OSTDOC. She found it at the 3:04 a.m. timeline.

Anderson and the two COs saw the bright light with what looked like tail. “If you look at it, the tail stops and then it comes back again,” she said.

The bright light appears to be a meteor.

“Usually a meteor isn’t that big,” Anderson said. “We haven’t seen any that big.”

The sight captured by the OSTDOC camera has lots of people on the reservation talking, Anderson said.

The two COs were waiting to hear a boom when they watched the security monitor but didn’t.

Anderson said it could be that although the light looked close, it was still too far away for the officers to hear a sound.

The light traveled from the north to the south.

Randy Halverson is a photographer from South Dakota. Lots of sights fill the night sky in South Dakota, he said.

That includes meteors.

“You can see something different every night,” Halverson said. “All of a sudden, you may see a fireball go across the horizon.”

The light captured by the OSTDOC security camera could be meteor, he said. Or it could be space junk, such as pieces of rock or even pieces of rockets that have been launched into space, he said.