SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A murder that happened in one central Sioux Falls neighborhood would have been much more difficult to solve without area surveillance cameras.

The body of Paul Billion was found in his Sioux Falls home, three days after he died. After a walkthrough of the crime scene and collecting evidence, police turned to the first of many surveillance cameras that would prove consequential in locating the suspects.

The camera, located just across the street from Billion’s home, provided a view of part of the backyard. It showed three subjects walking toward the victim’s home and then later running away from it.

That’s when police went to a nearby Shell Gas Station where employees said that Billion was overheard inviting random people over to his home.

Further surveillance video from 1310 S. Dakota Avenue showed three subjects, believed to be the same ones seen on the first surveillance camera, walking toward Billion’s home. A separate camera at 301 W. 21st spotted the three subjects again.

In addition to the surveillance footage, police used the body camera footage of officers responding to a service call at 1302 S. Center. The footage showed police making contact with several people, some of which were dressed similarly to the subjects seen in other surveillance video.

After obtaining warrants for the Snapchat of one of the suspects, police confirmed that the subjects phone was in the area of 1302 S. Center on the evening of Billion’s death.

Police also discovered that the gun used in the murder was used in an August shooting.

After digging into the Snapchat and Instagram of one of the suspects, police discovered that a gun in one of the Snapchat pictures was the same gun that had been stolen from a truck in June of 2022.

The hundreds of hours of investigation into the case eventually led to the arrest of Gbo Wesfort Yuoh, Thomas Tarley and Soteemon Poley. All three are facing charges of first-degree murder and burglary. Yuoh is also facing charges of grand theft.