SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A cattle feedlot that church supporters said is roughly a mile away from Moe Lutheran Parish can expand from 1,000 to 2,000 head of cattle, the Lincoln County Board said today.

In a 6-0 vote commissioners approved the expansion of an Iowa-based feedlot about nine miles south of Canton with three conditions added Tuesday. The county’s action removes a cap originally placed on the number of cattle in the confined feedlot.

The county had tabled action on April 5 on the expansion request.

Commissioner Mike Poppens said the conditional requirement to inform Moe Parish 48 hours before applying manure should “go a long way on communication” between the feedlot owner and the church.

Moe Parish is a group of three churches and its site includes a cemetery, church and prayer garden.

Opponents to the expansion of the feedlot said on Tuesday in past meetings that the smell of manure including during application is a concern. The Moe Parish is a site of funerals, weddings, family reunions and similar activity, opponents have said.

Commissioner Joel Arends said he recommended the manure conditions of 48-hour notice and no application within one mile of the church to prevent manure smell from disrupting a wedding or funeral.

Arends also recommended a condition of requiring feedlot owner Primo proof of property casualty insurance that would cover environmental damage at the feedlot or nearby properties.

Poppens said he’d like that as a condition for similar permit requests in the future but wondered how the county could add it to this permit request.

It’s not unusual for new people with new ideas to join the county board and this would be an example of adding a new idea, Arends said. Also, this type of insurance is not unusual, he said.

Arends, too, said the county should discuss incorporating an insurance requirement in its permit application process.

Other concerns raised Tuesday and in prior meetings include the possible runoff of manure into water sources and a nearby creek that flows into other bodies of water.

To those who wanted the county to vote no on the expansion, Arends said in his opinion, that would only open the county to a lawsuit by the feedlot owner. The county may then not be able to add any conditions to an expansion, he said.