SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Despite mostly drought conditions for the past few months, you can expect more snow than average according to one KELOLAND meteorologist. 

For 19 years, KELOLAND meteorologist Scot Mundt has been predicting snowfall totals for Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Pierre and Rapid City. Mundt’s prediction for the 2022-23 winter was released at the end of the KELOLAND Live Doppler Winter Special. You can watch the full special in the player above.

Mundt is predicting above average snowfall for Sioux Falls with 50.2 inches of snow this winter. The average amount of snowfall in Sioux Falls since 1950 is 41.2 inches. 

“This year, I expect we return to some normalcy when it comes to winter weather with a little extra sprinkled in,” Mundt said about his prediction. “When I was putting together this outlook, it’s dry and warm. It seemed hard for me to go against the grain of dry and warm conditions, as we usually forecast what the trend has been.”

Sioux Falls received 52.4 inches of snow four years ago during the winter of 2018-19. 

Mundt also predicts above-average snow totals for Aberdeen, Pierre and Rapid City as well. 

Rapid City has the highest average snowfall amounts since 1950 with an average of 48.6 inches. Mundt predicts Rapid City will have 53.4 inches for this winter. 

Aberdeen has averaged 37.5 inches of snow since 1950 and Mundt is predicting 49.2 inches of snow for the Hub City this winter. 

Pierre has the lowest average winter snowfall at 32.2 inches since 1950. Mundt predicts Pierre will see 39.1 inches of snow this winter. 

KELOLAND Chief Meteorologist Jay Trobec joked he now knows why Mundt bought a new snowblower ahead of winter. 

“A smaller one,” Mundt replied. 

Next year will be Mundt’s 20th anniversary of predicting snowfall amounts.