SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Harley-Davidson still rules but not with the majority it did several years ago at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Rally data gathered by a team from Texas A & M University said that 66% of all 2022 rally attendees owned a Harley-Davidson. That’s compared to 82% in 2021.

Indian motorcycle ownership at the rally reached 10% in 2022 which is double the percentage in 2021. Indian ownership reached second place for the first time in rally history, or at least in more recent history, of the rally in 2021. Typically, Honda held that second place spot, the 2021 rally report from the city of Sturgis said.

Honda ownership was in third place this year with 9%. Yamaha was fourth with 6%.

Harley-Davidson has held the king role since the 1960s, said a 1998 history of the rally published by the South Dakota Historical Society. During the 1990 rally, more than half of the Harley-Davidsons in the U.S. were at the Sturgis rally, according to the 1998 history.

But not all rally attendees own motorcycles.

Twelve percent of the 2022 attendees did not own a motorcycle. That number was about 11% in 2021 and about 9% in 2019, according to a city report.

If an attendee did own a motorcycle there was a chance they rode it to Sturgis but not at the rate of several years ago.

Forty-two percent rode their bike to Sturgis, according to the Texas A & M study.

In 2015, 64% rode their bike to Sturgis, according to city data.

If they didn’t ride their bike, how did they get there?

They could have towed their bike on a trailer. Thirty-eight percent did that.

In 2015, 26% towed their bike while 8% came in a vehicle and did not bring a bike.

More people left their bike back home in 2022 than they did in 2015. Sixteen percent came in a vehicle without their bike and 4% flew.

Only 2% flew in 2015.