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FILE – In this Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020, file photo, Jeannie Hovland, the deputy assistant secretary for Native American Affairs for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, poses with a Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women mask, in Anchorage, Alaska, while attending the opening of a Lady Justice Task Force cold case office in Anchorage, which will investigate missing and murdered Indigenous women. From the nation’s capitol to Indigenous communities across the American Southwest, top government officials, family members and advocates are gathering Wednesday, May 5, 2021, as part of a call to action to address the ongoing problem of violence against Indigenous women and children. (AP Photo/Mark Thiessen, File)

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — According to the South Dakota Attorney General’s Missing Persons Clearinghouse, there are 103 missing persons in the state as of Wednesday. Of these more than 100 missing persons, one-third are indigenous women.

Looking at the demographic breakdown of the missing persons, 55 (53%) are male, while 48 (47%) are female.

Breaking it down further, we see the disparity of missing persons based on race, with indigenous people making 65% of South Dakota’s missing persons. This is despite making up a mere 9% of the South Dakota population according to the most recent data from the 2020 Census Report. The second largest group represented were white individuals, making up 25% of missing persons, while comprising 84.6% of the state’s population.

Of the missing indigenous persons in South Dakota, just over half (50.7%) are female.

Breaking the numbers down further, we find that a total of 34 out of the 103 missing persons (33%) are Indigenous women. 32% are Indigenous men, 15.5% are White men, 9.7% are White women, 2.9% are Black men, .97% are Black women, .97% are Hispanic men, 1.9% are Hispanic women, 1.9% are men whose race is unknown, and .97% are Asian women.

Below are the names and ages of the current missing indigenous women and men listed on the South Dakota Attorney General’s Missing Persons page.


Sharon Bald Eagle49
Beverly Ulrich60
Ruby Black Horn12
Crystalina Mousseau6
Shanae Bordeaux25
Larissa Lone Hill26
Jessalyn Rooks21
Donna Larrabe60
Cante Win Long Soldier18
Shawnna Shields18
Sasha Carpenter17
Adrianna Grooms17
Elayna Weddell15
Carlynn Standing Elk15
Jacey Bettelyoun15
Askewin Crow Dog9
Sundance Crow Dog6
Jasie Cortier15
Susan Fast Eagle30
Naveigha Red Cloud17
Justice Quaderer16
Alannah Hawk Wing16
Kyra Kills Small16
Janeyah Red Cloud15
Savannah Westrom21
Adrianna Spotted Elk15
Angel Mitchell17
Tasia Rencountre16
Tiffany High Hawk24
Nataya Castaway15
Azaraya Waters-Coronado13
Lacey Kills Back17
Aneveldine Running Shield19
Victoria Garza17


Terry Good Voice Elk56
Tanner Standing Bear16
Andrew Jon “AJ” Lufkins34
Mackenzie Antelope15
Lance Black Horn Jr.14
Lynn Standing Bear28
Dallas Bluebird17
Tavon Jeremiah High Horse7
Devin Whiting15
Phoenix White Face11
David Crow Ghost Sr.48
Michael Harmon18
Kvaughn Elliot16
Robert Draeger16
Richard White Calf88
Tarron Marshall6
Kevin Marshall43
Cetan Standing Soldier12
Mateo Clairmont15
Verdell Brown Bull Sr.51
Sergio Charger20
Tavin Josea High Horse7
Luzahan Belt16
Devin Drapeau16
Jude White Bull15
Francis Witt15
Everett Shangreaux16
Kurtis Merriweather Warner2
Alejandro Vasquez30
Marquise Spottedeagle17
Jarvis Dixon39
Timothy Janis14
Jacoby Lawrence3

If you have information about any of the missing person on this list, you can find contact info as well as the full missing persons list here.

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