SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — This story has been updated with a corrected sum for Noem’s expenditures.

With the publication of both federal and state campaign finance reports, we can now get a full picture of just how much money has been spent on South Dakota’s gubernatorial election.

At play are four different campaign committees; one for Libertarian candidate Tracey Quint, one for Democrat Jamie Smith, and two for Republican incumbent Kristi Noem (one state, one federal).

Both Quint and Smith had only state committees.

The immediate thing of note is that Noem’s spending absolutely dwarfed that of her opponents. Noem’s federal spending totaled $1,248,669.90, while her in-state spending came to $4,713,540.41.

In total, Noem has spent close to $6 million, reporting $5,962,210.31 in expenditures across her two committees this election cycle, though $278,014.72 of this was a pair of transfers from her federal committee to her state committee, meaning that in actuality, she has spent $5,684,195.59.

Smith’s campaign spent a good amount of money as well, totaling $809,909.74.

Quint’s campaign, meanwhile, spent $855.52.

Charted out as shares of the total $6,494,960.85 spent by the three candidates, Noem’s spending accounts for 87.51% of spending by the candidates. Smith’s accounts for 12.47% of the spending, while Quint’s $855.52 spent accounts for the final .01% of candidate spending.

This chart of course compares both Noem’s federal and state spending with Smith and Quint’s in-state spending. If we factor out Noem’s federal expenditures for a more 1:1:1 comparison, our chart looks like this.

In terms of the share of the $5,524,305.67 spent by the candidates’ in-state committees Noem’s $4,713,540.41 accounts for 85.32% of the spending, while Smith’s $809,909.74 accounts for 14.66%, and Quint’s $855.52 makes up the final .051%.