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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Some bills being considered by lawmakers in South Dakota are creating tension throughout the state and beyond. It’s prompted some groups to plan protests against these bills to send a message to South Dakota’s legislature.

South Dakota People’s March on Pierre is being hosted by eight groups who support the LGBTQ+ community. The Facebook group states:

“Join us in asking SD Legislature to represent the interests of all South Dakotan’s in response to the regressive and restrictive bills being pushed in our capitol building,”

The page includes links to a planning form for the march in Pierre, as well as a form where you can share your story about how these bills will impact you.

One organization hosting the March is Sioux Falls Pride. Rachel Polan is the marketing director for Sioux Falls Pride. She says these bills are attacking the transgender and non-binary community.

“We want our South Dakota legislators, all of them, to know that a large part of their constituency is LGBTQ or supports the LGBTQ community. And they need to represent all of us, not just their heterosexual cisgender constituents,” Polan said.

Through KELOLAND’s Bill Tracker you can learn what the bill is, where it stands and the latest action on the bill.

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Referred to Committee

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Signed by Governor

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📜 HB 1057

Introduced ➡ Passed Committee (8-5) ➡ Chamber Vote ➡ Next Chamber ➡ Governor’s Desk ➡ Bill Becomes Law

Purpose of bill: prohibit certain acts against children and provide a penalty therefor.

BREAKING NEWS: HB1057 was passed in the House State Affairs Committee on Wednesday morning.

The proposed ban on gender changes has been amended substantially. Now, it would apply only to children under age 16, penalty reduced to class 1 misdemeanor from class 4 felony, and fewer medical professionals affected.

The ACLU, Sanford Health, the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the South Dakota State Medical Association, the South Dakota Retailers Association, the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, LEAD South Dakota and the Human Rights Campaign oppose the bill.

The proposed law would impact transgender children, their doctors and their families.

If passed, the “Vulnerable Child Protection Act” would make it a class four felony for South Dakota doctors to perform gender-changing or affirming surgeries on children. It would also make it illegal to prescribe puberty-halting medications and hormones to children.

Rep. Fred Deutsch (R-Brookings) introduced this bill to the House on Jan. 15.

“It is a bill to protect vulnerable South Dakota children who have some challenges with understanding if they’re a boy or a girl. It’s the same penalty as we established in the Female Genital Mutilation bill, I copied the penalty from that bill. I think of the procedures as similar, they’re both mutilating procedures,” Representative Fred Deutsch said.

Opponents of the bill say South Dakota medical providers don’t perform gender-affirming or changing surgeries on minors.

“What it does affect, is hormone blockers for youth, which just halts puberty. If you get off the pill or the injection, you go ahead and your hormones come back naturally,” Boots AmongTrees, the interim vice president with Sioux Falls Pride said.

Boots AmongTrees with Sioux Falls PRIDE says taking the medication away could lead to suicide.

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