SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Cold temperatures and promise of snow have shuttered Sioux Falls’ three public golf courses leading up to Halloween (technically only two, as Kuehn closed for the season on Oct. 26), but golfers may still be able to hit the greens in November.

Cat Clark with Sioux Falls Golf explained that once cold weather comes, things go day-by-day for the Elmwood and Prairie Green golf courses.

What it really comes down to is temperature and snow, Clark explained. If there is snow on the greens or the fairway, it’s a no go. Similarly, the courses will remain closed if there was frost overnight or if temperatures are below 50°F.

Those +50° temperatures have to come in batches as well. Clark says what’s really needed for the courses to open in late fall and winter are 2-3 days of +50° weather and no snow. Essentially, Clark said that play on the course when it’s too cold can cause damage.

Bunkers, noted Clark, are a different story. They’re generally the last place snow remains when it warms up, and they’ll allow play on the course with the bunkers off limits.

Generally Clark described the outdoor golfing season as lying between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and the off season as from Thanksgiving to St. Patrick’s Day.

It’s not unheard of for golfing to tee off much much later than Thanksgiving, however. Clark recalls golfing on Christmas Eve in Sioux Falls, and even on his birthday, in February.

As mentioned, it takes a few days in a row of warmer than average weather, but Clark says when those days come, golfers are ready. “People will call” when things warm up, he told KELOLAND.

The best way to know when the course is going to open for a few days however is to follow along on their website, their app or on their social media pages. They also send emails to those who subscribe.

When that message goes out, Clark said people jump at the chance. When this happens, he says they will often do a shotgun start at noon so that there is time for all who are able to complete the full course before night falls.

While Sioux Falls’ city courses are currently closed, Clark predicts that things will be open late in the first week of November after winter weather comes in through Halloween.