SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Minnehaha County held its medical marijuana license lottery for its single licensed vendor Friday morning. 

Out of four total applicants, Genesis Farms, LLC was the first ball selected, giving the Sioux Falls-based cannabis business first chance at obtaining a medical marijuana dispensary license. 

Genesis Farms also won one of the five City of Sioux Falls licenses last month and project manager Emmett Reistroffer said his company is looking to open dispensaries statewide. 

“It doesn’t mean we’re automatically approved,” Reistroffer said about Friday’s lottery win. “We still have to go through local and state licensing processes as well as a Conditional Use Permit. But we’re confident that we’ll move through those processes with success.” 

Minnehaha County will only license one medical marijuana site and Reistroffer said he has a perfect location near Arrowhead Parkway and Six Mile Road. 

Minnehaha County auditor Ben Kyte said the application deadline was at 5 p.m. Dec. 17 and the order was: 1. Genesis Farm LLC
2. GFV Speciality Retail LLC
3. Shangri-La SD, LLC
4. Shangri-La SD LLC. 

“The next steps involve a thorough review of the applications to verify that they meet the requirements set by ordinance,” Kyte said in an email. “That review is scheduled to be completed by February 15, 2022.” 

Reistroffer said he’s hoping to get his dispensary licensed by the state and county by 90 days, which would be mid-March. He hopes to fully open in July of 2022. 

Reistroffer said his dispensaries would be filled with marijuana grown from his Box Elder-based cultivation center. 

“We will grow the product and distribute across the state,” Reistroffer said. 

Inside the City of Sioux Falls boundaries, Reistroffer said he plans for a dispensary near 85th Street and Minnesota Avenue. 

“We’re going to be prepared to operate this dispensary responsibility and most importantly, to serve as many patients, who can benefit from medical cannabis, as possible,” Reistroffer said. “I know folks who are suffering from muscle spasms and severe pain who will greatly benefit from medical cannabis.” 

Reistroffer pointed people wanting medical marijuana to speak with physicians first and visit the South Dakota medical cannabis website. 

In addition to getting medical marijuana facilities up and running, Reistroffer said he’s interested in the conversations about legal recreational marijuana during the 2022 South Dakota Legislative Session. 

“We are fully committed to promoting well-written legislation that will benefit South Dakotans across the state,” Reistroffer said. “Whether you use cannabis or not, I believe having a regulated marketplace, where businesses are licensed and pay taxes benefits all South Dakotans.”