SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Not a Republican? You’re still eligible to vote in the upcoming primary election on June 7.

Republican ballots will be filled with a list of candidates vying for South Dakota House and Senate spots, the Republican gubernatorial candidate, and U.S. House and Senate seats as well as Constitutional Amendment C.

But if you’re a registered Democrat or Independent, you will only likely have the option to vote on Amendment C.

For registered Democratic and independent voters, there will only be local primaries for state House races in Sioux Falls-based District 11 and District 26A located in Mellette and Todd Counties.

According to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s website, the Democratic Primary is open to registered Democrats and Independents/No Party Affiliation voters, but not Republicans. The South Dakota Republican Primary is open to only registered Republicans.

What is Amendment C?

Amendment C would require initiated measures, proposed constitutional amendments or referred measures that would increase taxes or obligate more than $10 million to receive a 60% approval by voters. Right now, a 51% majority is needed.

Proponents of the amendment say that they want to make it harder to raise taxes in South Dakota, but opponents say it removes power from the people of the state in the initiated measure process.

All registered voters will have the opportunity to vote on Amendment C at the ballot box on June 7.