SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO)– Drought conditions have gotten worse in the past week according to the Drought Monitor report released on Thursday.

This week, 98.51 percent of the state is affected by drought, with 10.50 percent of that falling under the D3 category, meaning it is in extreme drought.

We are starting to see more drought conditions arise in the southcentral portion of South Dakota, and continue to pursue through the northcentral part of the state.

As of June 24, 2021

This is compared to last week, which showed 97.66 percent under drought with 7.18 percent categorized as D3 conditions.

The estimated population living in these drought areas is 753,272 in South Dakota.

North Dakota is really feeling the effects of the drought, with 100 percent of the state being in drought conditions and 17.68 percent falling under the D4 category, exceptional drought. 63.55 of the state is under D3 to D4 stages of drought.

100 percent of the state of Minnesota has been affected by drought conditions for at least the past three months. As of this week, 13.75 percent of the state is under a D2 drought, meaning moderate drought, but none of the state falls under the D3 or D4 categories.

In Iowa, 92.46 percent of the state is affected by drought this week, down from last week’s 94.63 percent. 43.88 percent falls under the D2 category, while none of the state is under D3 or D4 conditions.