SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — Big changes are coming to the intersection of Arrowhead Parkway and Six Mile Road. 

Construction officially started this week, but officials with the project say drivers in eastern Sioux Falls may not be impacted until July.  

The goal of the $21 million project is to widen Arrowhead Parkway a half mile east and west of Six Mile Road. There will be four lanes with a center median and turn lanes at signalized intersections. Six Mile Road will also be widened and realigned to create a new, safer signalized intersection. 

South Dakota Department of Transportation engineer Harry Johnston noted street lighting and a new traffic signal system will also be new for the intersection. 

“You’re seeing a lot of equipment showing up, and they’re just starting to gear up to do a lot of the work here,” Johnston told KELOLAND News near the construction site Thursday. “It’s a needed project, it’ll improve, improve the safety and the mobility of traffic throughout the corridor here.” 

There are many moving parts for the project, which will last more than one year and aims to be complete by Fall 2023. 

City of Sioux Falls engineer Brad Ludens said planning of the project has taken years of meetings. 

“There’s a lot of property owner meetings that are involved coordinating not only between the city and the state, but also between the townships, the property owners and a rural fire department,” Luden said. “There’s just a lot of moving parts to figure out how we’re going to build it in the best way possible and to get the best product that we can at the end.” 

Ludens said the current intersection is badly skewed from Arrowhead Parkway which runs northwest to southeast, while Six Mile Road is straight north and south road. 

“There’s very poor sight distance concerns as you’re approaching the intersection,” Ludens said. “What we’re going to do is realign Six Mile Road so that it intersects Arrowhead Parkway at closer to a 90-degree angle. It’s a much safer configuration for both traffic and pedestrians.”

Design photo from City of Sioux Falls.

According to designs, the intersection of the two roads will be moving west with Six Mile Road realigning to the west south of Arrowhead Parkway. A large box culvert for drainage will also be installed underneath the widened roadway. 

“Currently, it’s a four way stop with the flashing red light,” Johnston said. “The traffic signal will be adjusted for traffic volumes and different things like traffic volume increases on this roadway.” 

Johnston noted Arrowhead Parkway was part of S.D. Highway 42 and there’ll be more projects on that road east of the intersection with Six Mile Road. 

Both Johnston and Ludens said drivers in the area can receive updates from the city every two weeks via email on the city website. Johnston said updates can also be found through the state’s 511 website

“With construction, there’s always upcoming changes and it can change on a daily, hourly basis depending on weather, traffic and the work that’s actually going on,” Johnston said. “We just want drivers to be aware of what they’re doing and where they’re going. Plan your trip ahead and give yourself extra time through the work zones.”